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Ringing Restorations restores the shine and repairs handbells
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Ringing Restorations Handbell Finish Restoration and Repair

Clean, Polish and Adjust

Service Details

During the handbell servicing, I perform an initial ringing check to establish a baseline of sound, the current tension settings and voicing that exist in your set before I proceed with any servicing or restoration work.  I record the condition of all other parts and list recommendations for the continued maintenance and servicing of your handbells. My goal is to safeguard the investment you have made in your handbells or handchimes and give you and your ringers an instrument that consistently works and performs for them.


The work will include:

  • initial ringing check and inspection
  • disassemble handbells
  • complete and thorough inspection of existing mechanism and all parts
  • clean interior parts, removing dust and lint from assemblies
  • installation of new parts:
    SchulmerichTM handbells:

    • anti-friction washers
    • neoprene bumpers
    • stop nuts
    • handle lockwashers
    MalmarkTM handbells:
    • lockwashers
  • installation of other new parts as necessary (parts may be billed at an additional cost)
  • restore mechanisms to meet or exceed factory standards as required
  • polish and clean castings
  • reassemble handbells
  • adjust tension settings for best ringing response
  • voice handbells for best balance and blend throughout the set
  • vacuum handbell case interiors and clean case exteriors with Armor All Protectant.

When work is scheduled during the year: January through May and September through November 15th, I offer the fastest turnaround time in the region. Work scheduled during those months is usually completed in one week. I do my best to minimize any delays with minimum disruption to your rehearsal and worship schedule. All work is scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Inquire about my “Off Peak” discounts for work scheduled during those months.

As you can imagine, the demand for repair and restoration work is greatest during the summer. During the months of June, July and August, your work will be completed as quickly as possible. Due to the volume of work and sets in the workshop, it will require more than my normal one week turnaround time.

Costs of servicing conducted by the manufacturers and other independent restoration services are closely monitored. Ringing Restorations LLC is competitively priced and our level of service and attention to detail exceeds all others.

You, the customer will deliver and pick up the handbells at our workshop which is located in Credit River Township of Scott County, near Lakeville, Minnesota.

I stand behind the work I do and endeavor to offer exemplary customer service for handbell and handchime customers throughout Minnesota, the Upper Midwest and Canada. Client relationships are extremely important to me. I realize that excellent customer relationships develop only through hard work partnered with satisfactory results. I welcome the opportunity to provide the services you require.

I look forward to servicing your handbells or handchimes and thank you for the opportunity to “restore the ring.